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Monday, April 13, 2009

Finished my Blue Warp

Got my blue warp finally off the loom this past week during Easter Break. Managed to weave a couple nice long rugs. A Hit or Miss 9 foot runner and I think my biggest blue jean rug ever at 16 feet.

I finished the warp off on Wednesday then spent the afternoon knotting and pricing. My husband Puck helped me get all the rugs photographed along with some of the runners I have not been able to get pictures of on the dining room table... I only have so much length on the table although it is pretty under the rugs. I like the outdoor light, but the weather has not been cooperating too much lately :)

Now I have a nice big pile of rugs to get loaded on to ETSY. I figure I can do two or three a day and keep my creativity going although I am running out of names for green rugs LOL

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