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Thursday, July 23, 2009

The summer is just flying by

I think I heard somewhere that this is supposed to be summer vacation. Ha! so far I have caned 5 chairs and one chair back and felted between 80 and 100 balls. I cannot seem to stop. Wound on 45 yards of blue and natural log cabin and with Maddie's help got it sleyed and tied on as well. Have woven three blue jean rugs and a couple flannels. I love how flannel packs down. One of the blue jean rugs I wove in a checkerboard pattern, which is very time consuming, but the result is quite lovely. That is the beauty of log cabin. Well I am off to fringe those rugs I took off the loom and maybe cut some more blue sheets.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Painted Bull

Check out Painted Bull on Artfire. She has such passion in her work and is a weaving goddess. I find her enthusiasm inspiring. I love the historian in her as well. Her weaving is certainly unique to her. I have never seen another weaver do what she does. She keeps this old weaver young :)

thanks Kid!