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Sunday, August 16, 2009

some of the new rugs just off the loom

I have been remiss in Blogging

I have been filleting a huge mass of bluejeans. My husband has graciously volunteered to cut them into usable strips while he stays up late watching and re-watching movies. It has taken almost the whole month to get them done. As I was taking them apart I got to thinking the zipper pulls looked very interesting. I have always saved all the labels from anything I took apart, but zipper pulls are new. I dug out the zippers from the bag I was tossing things into and clipped them out too.

My daughter and I are both of the opinion that one of something is rarely cool, but dozens of something are automatically awesome. I gave the pulls to her and she made three lovely necklaces out of them. I have convinced her to sell one on her ETSY site and I hope she can get some more done before she goes back to college soon.

I finished off the blue warp. Log cabin is a very strong warp and tends to overpower intricate patterns. It is great for playing with and I did get some nice checkerboard effects on a couple rugs. I will post pics when I get them photographed.

I got a nice long green warp wound onto the loom. I have enough rags to put on 55 yards of warp. I will be doing green for a long time I think. Most of my time now is spent cutting the rags. I sort of like to have them all in front of me when I design. I pull out this group and that group and ponder what will look best together.

I photographed half the new rugs and got the pictures squared away. My knees sort of gave out though so I will have to try to get the rest in tomorrow. I then have to get them uploaded into ETSY or Artfire.

Well back to work I guess