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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lots of stuff to do

Started off early and got another rug named and described. It is such a dang process.. I will be ever so happy to have it up to date. I have been cleaning up some of the earlier rugs I uploaded and adding their invoice numbers so that it wont be total chaos if I sell any at my art fairs which are fast approaching.

Got a wild hair up my you know what and decided to take some ETSY advice on business cards. The claim is that people just stash cards and never take another look at them. I guess I do the same thing and I have been handing them out for years. A suggestion was made to be creative and one idea was making magnets to hand out. I decided to investigate the idea today. I had to drive to Janesville anyhow to get kitty food and some other things so I planned on Hobby Lobby.

found some magnets at the local Outreach along with some sheets that will be great in my next batch of rugs, bought some paper to print off some designs and ended up finding some printable magnetic paper at Hobby Lobby after all.

Got home and put all my stuff away then set about making my magnets. They turned out pretty good so I hope they end up being useful. One batch was a little off color until I cleaned the nozzles on my printer, but after that they looked pretty good.

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