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Saturday, January 10, 2009

What Is It?

I own so many odd fiber tools that I think I will start trying to figure out what the more mysterious ones might be or even whether my guess has been incorrect and they are not actually fiber tools.

This is a good start since I simply have a feeling that these might be fiber tools. When my grandmother passed away a couple years ago I found a small paper bag with these beautiful tools. They spoke to me somehow and I asked if I could have them. No one else had a clue what they were so I acquired them. Now my grandmother was not a weaver, or fiber person that I know of. Her mother had been a milliner briefly, but my grandmother had been a bookkeeper for most of her life after being a school teacher.

If anyone can help me identify these little critters I would greatly appreciate it. The lines around the tops of the bulb part are small grooves

oh and as a side note I did weave the matt that is sitting underneath the bowl :)


  1. I hope someone knows! Those are neat and they strike me as a "fiber tool" too.
    Good luck

  2. They almost look like something that would be used to hold apart fibers. Maybe for like hardanger or something. But no expert at all here. Just an off the cuff guess!

  3. Hmmm... are these bobbin lace bobbins??

  4. I thought they might be bobbin lace bobbins but I have never seen any with such large bulbs