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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Blasted through that red warp

I finished the red warp a couple days ago. I think I got 12 rugs off that warp. It was not a very big one. I am pretty low on red rags right now. Next I think will be a yellow and orange warp. I only have a couple yellow rugs in stock so I really need some more with shows coming up soon. I ordered a mess of color from Edgemont yarns which should be here in a couple days. They are very quick at shipping.

I have been cutting yellow and orange rags as quickly as I can.

We were up north over the weekend to see our daughter in a play. We stayed with my baby sister who gave me two garbage bags full of blue jeans. Tonight I am cutting the seams out of as many of those as I can so Puck can cut them into strips. My business is really a family affair :)

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